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Working at Hugo

Whether you're an engineer, a designer, or an adjuster, every position at Hugo requires three things: estimating how much work a given task will take, when you will be finished with it, and what it means for our members. These three things let us work flexibly because we are consistently improving our forecasting ability and staying motivated to deliver for our members. 

What does that mean for the day-to-day? It means a single team check-in at 9AM PT where you discuss your tasks for the day and any help you will need. Then, you're free to complete that task at your own pace and on your own schedule. We do a weekly retrospective to assess team performance, and a bi-weekly sprint planner. 

Every team seeks to get something out into the wild every day - whether it's a paper prototype or a full deployment to production.

We take your personal development seriously - the better you are, the better we can deliver for our members and community. As part of your onboarding, we'll discuss your development goals and how we can contribute. That includes everything from blog posts to conferences and sponsored meet-ups. 

Hugo is an EEO employer that actively pursues and hires a diverse workforce, and will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records. Our salaries, perks, and benefits are all negotiable. We don’t judge people based on schools or degrees.


Our application process

Our goal is to take as little of your time as possible - and be transparent throughout.

Every candidate answers 3 relevant entry-level questions. Technical and design hires submit 2 portfolio pieces. Please do not send a resume or "about me".

If things work out, we will invite you to a 30 minute call where we will discuss your prior experience and future goals, and roles you've enjoyed or found frustrating. 

If that call goes well, we will invite you to a 30 minute call to discuss your area of expertise and work habits.

From there, you will be provided an area-specific problem to solve in your own time (with as much or as little support from us as desired), followed by a two-on-one review and debrief call. We then check references and prepare to make an offer!


Open positions




Senior Full Stack


  • Based in Los Angeles / willing to move
  • Experience building and maintaining distributed systems
  • Fundamentals in data structures, algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis
  • Demonstrated debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • Advanced knowledge of C++ or Java
  • Experience with Git or another distributed version control system

Ideal Candidate

  • 5+ years of engineering experience
  • Excited to work in a rigorous CI environment that favors robust, performant code vs. quick hacks
  • Contributions to open source projects
  • Advanced knowledge of JavaScript
  • Proficient with Git/Github and Jenkins 
  • Deeply motivated to build things that make a real difference to everyday lives

We've built a microservice architecture that allows us to rapidly scale to accommodate ever-increasing user needs. Your job is to build new services that enhance the customer experience or our internal tooling while maintaining our standards of performance and robustness.

You'll collaborate closely with our CEO, CTO, DevOps, and Front End engineers to build across our tech stack and deliver best-in-class insurance technology.

As with all of our engineers, you will test, QA, deploy, and maintain your own code within our continuous integration framework. That means pushing a change to production on your first day, and continuing to improve our services from then on. As you learn, you'll be able to keep the team informed on emerging best practices, and champion ideas you believe in.

We pay competitive salaries. We're serious about remote work and flexible hours. Equity and benefits included. All negotiable.




Customer Experience - First Hire


  • Based in Los Angeles / willing to move
  • Recent experience in customer experience or customer insights for a retail/b2c company
  • Ability to write clearly and colloquially
  • Love making peoples' days and feeling peoples' problems
  • Ability to step back and see systemic issues
  • Self-motivated, self-educating, and engaged
  • Clear communicator with lots of stamina, high energy, and truly empathetic

Ideal candidate

  • 1+ year in CX/CI role for fast-paced B2C brand
  • Speaks Spanish and English
  • Excellent written skills
  • High Emotional Intelligence / Empathy
  • Experience with Intercom and other CRM products
  • Education or self-taught in psychology, marketing, or behavioral economics
  • Want to build things that make a real difference to everyday lives

There're 2 million uninsured drivers in LA alone and we're here to bridge the gap between the insurance they deserve and the insurance they can afford. That means bringing thoughtful, engaged and efficient customer support to all of our members as part of our product, not as an afterthought.

As our first Customer Experience (CX) hire, you'll roll up your sleeves and spend your time on the phone, on Intercom, and on email to our early customers, making sure they feel the love. You'll also be stepping back to digest the customer feedback you're getting, identifying common pain points, and diagnosing root causes so that we can improve.

Each day, you'll be the voice of Hugo to millions of Californians in need of help. You'll also be the eyes of our Product team as they seek to understand the Why behind customer behavior, and will work with our engineers to build tools for our customers and yourself.

You'll make a difference to our members from day one, will keep the rest of us informed on new user behaviors / best practices, and champion ideas you believe in.

We pay competitive salaries. We're serious about remote work and flexible hours. Equity and benefits included. All negotiable.



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