Who we are

And what we care about


Building technology to let everyone afford their car insurance

Driving uninsured risks major fines, car impoundment, license suspension, and in some places, even jail. And yet, 30 million Americans drive uninsured each year - that’s more people than live in Texas. They risk catastrophe every time they drive to work.

Hugo is here to change that. Our technology makes insurance accessible, flexible, and affordable.

We believe that with the right technology, design, and team, we can make insurance that works for every American driver. 

If you find that mission inspiring, we want to talk.


Our priorities


We're committed to building a proactively inclusive home for everyone - regardless of orientation, gender, ethnicity, race, education, or other characteristics. It's the right thing to do, and it helps us build better products for our community.


We are all responsible to our customers for every product we push to production, so our teams can't be segmented by function or expertise. Instead, we are inclusive from origination, so that each product fully bakes what we have to offer.

WORK flexibly

Tell us how much work you expect to get done, and do it in a way that keeps you at your sharpest. Aside from daily stand-ups and weekly retrospectives, you work on your own schedule and at your own pace - and take vacations whenever you want to.

Think long term

We’re a Delaware registered B-Corp because we value all of our stakeholders - our community, our members, our employees & families - not just our debt and equity holders. That’s because we think about the long-term, where we know we need to deliver for all of these groups in order to stick around.


We've built Hugo with a distributed team - from LA to NY to Chicago (and back). While we intend to develop our footprint here in LA, our roots are remote and if that's where you get your best work done, that's where you should be... not sitting in LA traffic!

All for the customer

Hugo exists to get every driver affordable car insurance. To do our job well, we need to relentlessly identify and overcome obstacles to that reality. Everything starts with a conversation with community members. Every sprint is conceptualized based on the problem it solves for those members. This keeps us focused on what matters most.