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Hugo in brief

Started in 2016, Hugo is a pay-when-you-drive liability auto insurance system built for the 30m uninsured drivers in America.

Hugo piggybacks on text messages, so it works on any handset, just like a pay-as-you-go cell phone system.

We're currently in testing in California, which has a population of around 4m uninsured drivers.

We're based in Los Angeles.

We believe in a world where an unexpected expense doesn’t mean going into debt.


Less than 2 minutes to get a quote

Less than 5 minutes to get a policy

Over 25,000 DAYS of insurance provided to date

Drivers saved More than 30% by using Hugo

Net Promoter Score over 80


Our backers and partners

Venture capital backers


Hugo is principally backed by Canaan Partners and Core Innovation Capital, multi-stage Venture Capital funds headquartered in Palo Alto and LA, respectively, and Clocktower Technology Ventures, a seed fund also based in LA. Our backers provide us with the funding we use to build our products and provide our services, as well as providing insights and advice to our Board.


Hugo has partnered with the MIT Department of Economics, National Bureau of Economic Research, Jameel Poverty Action Lab, and the Shultz Fund in order to gauge the impact our products have on our members and their communities.